My research since completing my PhD on 'The French Symbolist Sonnet' (UEA,1974) focuses on four main areas - French Literature, Art History, Word & Image Studies, and Semiotics - across which my publications are evenly distributed. I set out below a brief account of my interest in these areas and the logic of my research into their interaction.

  • French Literature (21 publications) My early research focussed on the formal and generical aspects of literature and soon broadened into a structuralist approach to literary analysis, especially in the early modern period, whose literature created new demands on theory and criticism. As well as fixed forms, in the late 1970s I explored generically problematic forms such as the prose poem and art criticism, publishing in the early 1980s papers in such reviews as Poétique and Romantisme and editing in 1987 the GF edition of Baudelaire's Le Spleen de Paris.
  • Art History (especially Modern Art) (30 publications) An early interest in design meant that visual expression was always an area of interest to me. Soon after coming to Dublin in 1975, I was appointed curator of the Trinity's prestigious modern picture collection, involving cataloguing, exhibiting and purchase of important works of modern art. In addition, from its opening in 1979 I was made a director of the Douglas Hyde Gallery and organised many exhibitions. Key publications include my catalogue Edward Kienholz: tableaux (1981) and my book Paul Delvaux (1992). I also organised TCD's major quatercentenary exhibition Treasures of the Mind in 1992. Visual arts research strengthened my perception of the importance of studying links between art and literature, between visual phenomena and writing. The Art and Aesthetics of Boxing (2009), reflects my interest in the theory of sport as well as of art.
  • Word & Image Studies (35 publications) My literary and art projects in the 1980s increasingly focussed on the interaction between writing and visual expression, which led to a research focus on word and image studies. This was strengthened by teaching from 1987 in a new international masters course in Textual & Visual Studies and the founding of the International Association of Word & Image Studies (IAWIS/AIERTI). Major contributions to this field include my book Pictorialist Poetics(CUP 1988), the organisation of the triennial IAWIS conference in TCD (1996), secretaryship (1993-99) and presidency (1999-2002) of IAWIS/AIERTI.
  • Semiotics (34 publications) With the aim of introducing greater theoretical rigour into interdisciplinary teaching and research, I developed from the 1980s a more systematic interest in semiotics, especially the work of C. S Peirce. This has had a major impact on later projects and publications, including an international exhibition on the Semiotics of the Stamp (Design Museum, London, 1995-96; also Paris 1996), my book European Stamp Design (1995). From 1996-2000 I was annual visiting professor at the School of Semiotics and Communications at PUC São Paulo and lectured all over Brazil. I am a director of the IASS. I edited a special number of the Canadian semiotics journal Protée in 2002 and my book Semiologies of Travel: from Gautier to Baudrillard (CUP) appeared in 2004.

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